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Ohizumi Glocal Services, Inc (OGS) have only the best “Made in Japan” products.
OGS deals in daily commodities, stationary, and beauty goods.
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DAISO, Japan home center, and MINISO are all very popular Japanese brands, but most of them sell products manufactured in China. Although they do have some good products, they don’t always meet the high standards required by the manufacturers in Japan. We only handle products that are genuinely “made in Japan”, which have passed the strict quality inspection in Japan.

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If your country is among the likable ranking list which highly favors Japanese products, please add our “Made in Japan” goods to your company’s product line-up. It is a well-known fact that the Japanese products are of an exceptionally good quality.This is not limited to Toyota and Sony, but the same is said for the daily commodities and beauty products.
By carrying reliable “Made in Japan” products, you are sure to gain the trust of your customers and increase their purchase intention. “Made in Japan” products will ensure customer satisfaction and boost your company reputation.

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Company Name : Ohizumi Glocal Services, Inc
Representative :  Koki Abe
Office Address :
   >Ohizumi office:
      Nukui-Building 1-35-14-903 Higashiohizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 178-0063
   >Toshima office:
     1-8-2 Nishisugamo Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan 170-0001
TEL : +81 3-5935-6109
FAX : +81 3-5972-4037